Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Review of Diary of a Lottery Winner's Daughter

Title: Diary of a Lottery Winner's Daughter
Author: Penelope Bush

Does money have to change everything? Charlotte and her family are determined that winning £3.7 million won't change them. But they haven't counted on how everyone else around them will react. Charlotte's best friend is acting strangely and someone's spreading cruel rumors around school. Can Charlotte use the money to change things for the better?

My Review:
This book was a nice and easy read. It all starts with Charlotte and her family going on holiday. There Charlotte gets her fortune told by a creepy Gypsy Ginnie. Her fortune says 'Be careful what you wish for'. Then Charlotte starts making wishes and suddenly everything that she wishes for some way or another comes true...
Charlotte is quite a sweet character and you can see that she cares about her family dearly.
Chelsea (Charlotte's older sister) is quite selfish and only cares about herself. 

This book is really simple but is a nice light hearted read!

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