Monday, 7 May 2012

Review of Lifted

Title: Lifted
Author: Hilary Freeman

Shoplifting and blogging... now Robyn's a celebrity.

Robyn is a compulsive shoplifter - with a difference. Everything she steals, she donates to charity shops - then blogs about it. She doesn't need to steal, but shoplifting gives her a buzz like no other.

Soon everybody's talking about the mystery blogger. At last Robyn has the fame she craves - but only one person knows who she really is, and he's sworn to secrecy...

Will Robyn risk revealing her true identity - and can she stop shoplifting before she gets caught?

My Review:
The story is told in blog parts and third person. It hooked me from the first page and I was eager to find out more. Ruby's home life isn't great and shoplifting is her way of escaping her life - it gives her an adrenalin rush like no other. I like how Ruby and Noah's relationship started to blossom, friends since they were young, then at high school split, now back together again as more than friends, but none of Ruby's friends know this as Ruby's nobody and Noah is a tall freak according to Ruby's friends - Hanni and Amanda. 

I could never leave this book alone as I wanted to find out more about Robyn Hood's blog, Noah, and how it would all turn out. The blog posts, chats and emails, make it more personal like you were inside the book experiencing what they were experiencing.

All in all this was a really engaging book and a meaning of friendship and trust between people. I loved this book and it's a great read that everyone should add to their to be read pile!



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