Saturday, 5 May 2012

Review of Stuck On Me

Title: Stuck On Me
Author: Hilary Freeman

Sky is going through a growth spurt and, terrifyingly, her nose seems to be growing faster than the rest of her face! 

Sky's best friends Rosie and Vix don't understand her obsession. She's pretty - what's the problem? But when Sky's boyfriend Rich dumps her, it's the final straw. Determined to do something about her nose, she sets out on a journey that takes all three girls to parts of Camden Town they have never seen before...

My Review:
I got sent a copy of this book for review, it's the type of book that I really enjoy reading and I did really enjoy reading it!

Sky keeps thinking that her nose is HUGE! I mean literally humongous! Her dad left her when she was 8 and she never really knew what he was like. Everybody always remarked how her nose was like her dad's and then she asks her mum about her dad. Her mum reluctantly shows Sky all the things to do with her dad and answers questions. Sky finds out alot about her dad but, wants to know more...

Her, Rosie and Vix track him down and meet up with him but he's not how Sky imagines him to be. Then she sees a girl hanging round with her and Sky's jealous but who is she and what does she have to do with Sky...

Great book, definitely worth a read!!

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