Monday, 2 July 2012

Review of ' Shades of Magenta'

Title: Shades of Magenta
Author: Echo Freer

Holiday time and the heat is on for Magenta Orange. But she's keeping her cool... Magenta can't hide her disappointment: her dream destination turns out to be a holiday camp in the middle of nowhere. But she's looking forward to topping up her tan and starring in the talent contest... not to mention a bit of holiday romance. Soon Magenta's back on form, with parachuting pandemonium and disaster on the diving board...
Will gorgeous Daniel be able to stop her from getting into deep water?

My Review:
I really enjoyed this book and it's told from three people's perspective - Daniel, Magenta and Justine. Magenta is the main character and is 13 - Daniel is her boyfriend. Justine is Magenta's cousin and also likes Daniel as well. They all go on holiday together and Justine attempts to break Daniel and Magenta up. At the swimming pool Magenta meets a creep called Liam who follows her around because of an incident. It has a nice ending. 

The only thing is that alot of the book is on love and relationships. Daniel is constantly in his mind saying that he loves Magenta and wants to spend the rest of his life with her, but, they are only 13 so it's quite deep. I think the author should've made them 15, 14, then it wouldn't be as bad.

Overall, a really good book!

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