Friday, 24 August 2012

Review of Seriously Sassy, Crazy Days

Title: Seriously Sassy, Crazy Days
Author: Maggi Gibson
Series: Seriously Sassy book 3


"I'm gonna use my fame and money to make the world a better place ... OK?"

Life is seriously good for Sassy Wilde - she's had her first kiss, she has her two bestest bezzies ever and her rock-chick dreams are on the verge of coming true.

But just as everything's set to take off, her new boyfriend starts acting weird - and then the record company turns Sassy's world upside down!

Sassy feels like giving it all up - until a real disaster strikes. Now's not the time for Sassy to pack away her guitar, cos her talents are needed more than ever...

My Review:

Following the events that happened in book 2, Sassy finds out that Y - Gen music tried all they could to get Sassy a record deal but other companies are saying no because of what Sassy did. She vows that she will never sing again.

Then Taslima, her friend, has to go to Pakistan following an earthquake where her family may have been hit.

Seen as Sassy is a member of the eco club, they think that they should raise money. They try lots of things but all decide that to raise lots of money they need Sassy to sing - but she said that she won't ever again. Will she sing again to help her friend and other people who also need help.

It's a great book! I'm so glad Maggi let me review the books! Fab book! Downside - the series has ended! If you've never heard of this series, well you need to BUY IT NOW!!

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