Friday, 10 August 2012

Review Of Seriously Sassy

Title: Seriously Sassy
Author: Maggi Gibson
Series: Seriously Sassy Series Book 1

"Right now boys are NOT part of my life plan. I've got more than enough to do as it is." "Yeah like the planet to save," Cordelia says dreamily. "And my singing career to get off the ground. I've not even got my first demo disc yet!"

Sassy Wilde's had enough of pollution and plastic bags - she wants to make a difference. It's time to grab her guitar and start spreading some eco love...

But first she has to get around her mum and dad - officially the most embarrassing parentals In. The. World.

And it's not just endangered creatures keeping Sassy awake at night. Why, oh why did Magnus (the Magnificent) offer her a bite of his muffin in biology?

My Review:
First of all this book is GREAT! I loved it! Sassy is so cool and a great character, I liked how she wasn't perfect and that she cared so much about the environment and was very strong for a 13 year old. Sassy isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in even if this means that she will get into trouble (which she does)! 

I loved how Sassy dreamt of being a star and I loved the songs that were scattered all the way through the book, the songs also seemed to represent how Sassy was feeling so if she was angry the song would be about how angry she was, if she was happy it would show in the song, but adding this to the book really helped to make it more personal.

A quick summary is Sassy's dad is standing for the local election and Sassy needs to be the perfect daughter for him, they strike a deal - if she's good, she gets a demo, if not then she doesn't. 

Sassy has to think about what she wants more - to save the planet or get a demo? Stand for what she believes in or sit tight and wait?

A must have, must read! Great book! Can't wait to read the next two books in the series!


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