Monday, 29 October 2012

Review of Me, Suzy P

Title: Me, Suzy P
Author: Karen Saunders
Series: Me, Suzy P
Book 1


I'm Suzy Puttock (yes, Puttock with a P), fourteen years old and a complete disaster magnet.

My life's full of ups and downs. My loved-up big sister Amber's getting married and wants lime-green bridesmaids' dresses. I'm not happy about that.

But there's this hot new guy, Zach, just started at my school. I am happy about that.

Only... I've had a boyfriend since forever, Danny. So now I'm all kinds of confused...

My Review:

This was a proof book sent from Templar publishing (thanks for the book). It's exactly the kind of book that I read and I really enjoyed it! Suzy was definitely a drama queen and I loved her for that. She was funny and was a typical teenager. Up one minute, down the next. She goes through what every teen goes through.

Suzy's been going out with Danny for ages and she's happy, well, just a tiny bit annoyed that Danny doesn't show her much affection in public. Then the new boy Zach turns up and... WOW! He is hot! But, Suzy can't just drop Danny, she doesn't know how to and she's never broken up before and can't hurt his feelings. Suzy and Danny go to a party and Suzy sees Danny kissing Jade (the school's bully). Why is Danny kissing her? 

Danny and Suzy fight and argue and Suzy dumps Danny. Danny and Jade start to go out so Suzy decides that 2 can play at that game so she decides to go out with Zach. After some unfortunate dates together, Zach dumps Suzy in public in front of everyone! She's really embarrassed.

Then Suzy's sister, Amber has her wedding and Suzy thinks that it's really unfair - how can she bear to stand there watching her sister be sickeningly in love, when she isn't? And why did Amber have to marry a man with a worse surname than Puttock? 

Suddenly, a surprise guest turns up and Suzy's all happy again.

This book was brilliant and I really enjoyed! I recommend it to everyone, especially if you're a fan of Louise Rennison and Cathy Cassidy.

Great book, Suzy is definitely the next drama queen!

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