Saturday, 10 November 2012

BlogInk Post - The Life of a Secret Book Blogger

Today in most schools reading is for nerds and geeks (like me)! Woop! I can't stand the people who say that reading is really uncool and that they haven't read a book since they were seven! I know, how did they manage that!?!

Reading is the gateway to life. If you can't read then you're finished basically. You need to be literate to get a very basic job - even working in McDonald's! Which isn't as high class as my job! If you can't read the orders then you're not going to impress your boss.

Secretly, I'm an undercover book blogger, like a spy - nobody knows what I do apart from my family. I'm like James Bond  but way better! I secretly contact publishers and authors and ask for books to review and then put them on this blog.

I've constantly got a book in my hand - always feeding my reading monster. She comes out practically everyday and I have to feed her, otherwise she gets grumpy that she hasn't delved into the wondrous world of books, glorious books! Okay, now I sound like someone from Oliver (which was originally a book)!

Being a secret blogger is seriously cool in my eyes. I admit you don't get the top-notch latest gadgets but, you do get...wait for it...FREE BOOKS! *screams* That's the best part of the job for me! My little book monster gets fed lots of yummy treats!

You see, everything (well, nearly everything) comes down to a book, TV programmes can be adapted, so can films, even music can be turned into a story. Nothing is safe!

Reading to me is just a way of life, I devour books, I enjoy writing, I enjoy blogging. English is my favourite subject and I'm half way through my second novel. Most authors tell aspiring writers that they need to read, read, read. If it was a race, I'd probably win (not blowing my own trumpet or anything). *Gets a trumpet and blows it*.

My bookshelf is fit to burst (literally) with all my fab, amazing books! My favourites are 'Touch of Power' and 'Tom Daley: My Story', which was definitely read and not just drooled over *looks around suspiciously*.

All of this goes on in my double life. I've never told anyone this let alone the world wide web, so if you tell anyone, then I'm going to have to kill you, okay? 

The life of a secret book blogger certainly isn't dull. Asking publishers and authors about their latest books. Reading some incredible stories and discovering new authors who have an amazing way with words.

Overall, my double agent life is unique, nobody I know has it. I love how no two books are exactly the same and that you can dip in and out of other worlds and escape. I just love how there is some people who love books just as much as me! The blogosphere has some really cool people!

All in a day's work.


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