Thursday, 1 November 2012

Review of Timeless

Title: Timeless
Author: Michelle Madow
Series: Transcend Time
Book 3



In Remembrance, Lizzie and Drew changed the course of fate so they could be together.

In Vengeance, Chelsea set fate back on it's original, deadly path.

Now, strange things keep happening to Lizzie. Things that are omens of darkness to come. A curse has doomed her to die an early death, just as she did in her past life. To make things worse, even if she does figure out who casts the curse, it's irreversible. There's only one option left to save her. It's crazier than anything she's heard yet. and to do it, she needs the help of Drew and Chelsea.

Because to make things right, they need to go back to where it all began...  

My Review

I've been hooked on this series ever since I got the copy of Remembrance. It was awesome. Then I reviewed Vengeance and it bridged the gap between what happened at the end of book 1 and set the stepping stones of what would happen in this book!

WOW! That's all I can say! WOW! Loved, loved, loved this book! Thank you Michelle for writing such an epic series! I finished this book in practically one sitting - trust me it was that good!

The books told from Lizzie's point of view. Crows start doing strange things around Lizzie and then other odd things start to happen.

Drew and Lizzie decide to see Alistair (who is Lizzie's memory guide). He tells them that Lizzie has had a curse put on her. If they didn't stop this curse then it would result in death for Lizzie on the next full moon. They narrowed it down to 2 possible suspects - Jeremy and Chelsea. 

They discover who did this to Lizzie and they agree willingly to help stop the curse. But it's not as easy as they'll help. Oh no. They have to travel back to their past lives and stop Lizzie from dying to break the curse. However, it's not as easy as it first appears...

This book was EPIC! Loved it! Loved the writing! Loved the characters! This needs to go to the top of your to be read list!

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