Monday, 7 January 2013

Review of The Look

Title: The Look
Author: Sophia Bennett

Ted is tall. Freaky. When she is spotted by a model agency, she can't believe it.

At the same time, her gorgeous sister falls seriously ill.

With her world turned upside down, Ted must choose between fame and family. Can she be a supermodel and a super sister? All in five inch heels?

My Review:
I read this book a while ago and have been meaning to put a review online. So here it is.

I really liked this book and its been one of my favourites of 2012.

It starts off with Ted and Ava busking to get money, someone comes up to Ted and says that she could be a model. Ava just says that it's probably a scam and she should ignore it but, Ted can't. She researches the company and finds out that its real and agrees to meet up.

Then everything takes off and she ends up in London and meets Tina, a crazy, model scout person who makes Ted an amazing model! But Ted can't help feeling guilty as Ava her sister develops cancer.

Overall, I REALLY enjoyed this book and throughly recommend it to everyone! Suitable for the ages of children from about 10+.



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