Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Review of The Wind Singer

Title: The Wind Singer
Author: William Nicholson
Series: The Wind on Fire (Book 1)

In the walled city of Aramanth, rules are everything.
When Kestrel dares to rebel, the Chief Examiner humiliates her father and sentences the whole family to the harshest punishment. Desperate to save them, Kestrel learns the secret of the wind singer, and she and her twin brother set out on a terrifying journey to the true source of evil that grips Aramanth.

My Review:
We started reading this book in school and I really enjoyed reading it, but at the pace we were going I thought we were never going to get this finished so I got the book myself and finished it this morning.
In Aramanth everyone is ruled by people who are higher than them and everybody is ranked on how clever they are. People who live in grey district are the lowest of the low, white, very high up and smart.
Nobody is judged by who they are just on how well they do in exams. One day though Kestrel dares to rebel and climbs to the top of the wind singer. Once found by Maslo Inch (who used to go to school with Kestrels father, Hanno Hath, and is very high up in the social hierarchy), he takes her to special teaching, to teach her a lesson. But Kestrel manages to get away and then suddenly everyone in Aramanth is after her. Her and twin brother Bowman then set out on a quest to find the Wind Singer's voice and restore Aramanth to what it was before.
They manage to slip out through the Underlake and off they go.
They encounter many adventures on the way, such as a wind battle, meeting the mud people, the old queen and much more! Nothing is ever predictable.
Overall, I think this book is a great fantasy, adventure novel and I think you should read it and discover how great the story really is!


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