Friday, 29 March 2013

Review of Beads, boys and Bangles

Title: Beads, boys and bangles
Author: Sophia Bennett
Series: Threads book 2


Crow is in designer heaven; Nonie's caught the eye of a gorgeous boy; Jenny has a new play. 

But poor Edie's in trouble... it's rumoured that slave children in India have been making their high street collection. 

It's up to the girls to save their fashion dream! 

My Review:

This is the second book in the threads series and I read the first one and wanted to know what would happen next. I wasn't desperate to read this book but I was glad to get a copy. 

As soon as I started reading this I was back with the girls (Nonie, Crow, Jenny and Edie)! Let's back up a bit, Edie runs an ethical blog and then someone starts to spread a rumour that Crow's clothes are being made by slave children in India. 

So... the girls manage to get a trip to India to see the factories where Crow's clothes are made. Everything seems fine but when journeying in India they meet 3 children. 

That's all I'm gonna tell you! How mean am I?! Overall, I did enjoy this book. I would say that if youre not into fashion then this might not be for you but as I am slightly fashion conscious I really enjoyed it! 

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