Thursday, 6 June 2013

Review of The Key Master

Title: The Key Master
Author: Christine Blakemore

Jac has to do his proving challenge in order for him to get a good career on his home planet of Elythium. To help him complete his challenge, he has the help of a shape-shifter named Blue. Jac and Blue have to travel to Earth and find the 3 keys: Smowid, Rouhon and Thurt.
My Review:
This book was given to me by the author and I was really impressed! It came in a manuscript form and I was really excited to read it.

I really liked Jac and Blue as characters and found them really realistic (as realistic as you can get, considering ones a shape shifter and the other is boy from a different planet). The whole plot of the book was that Jac had to complete his proving task. To do this he has to travel to Earth to find the 3 keys: Thurt, Smowid and Rouhon.

To get to Earth Jac and Blue have to travel through a mirror (which I thought was really cool and wished that the mirrors in my house could do that). On the way, they meet Nene and Mara, sisters who agree to help Jac and Blue. They put them up in the shed in their allotment and give them food and water.

They're both baffled by how to found these keys, but then an advert in the local newspaper gives them a clue to they keys whereabouts. After that, they go off on all sorts of adventures all across Britain. 

I liked the witty narration between Blue and Jac but I also really enjoyed the serious, bonding moments that they shared.

At the end, there is a clever twist that I wasn't expecting...

Overall, I was really impressed with this book. Even though, it isn't published yet, I really hope it does because, it would be a shame for people to miss out such a good book! 

I really liked the narration, the characters and the plot and can't think of anything bad about the book! I'd definitely recommend it for boys and girls!



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