Friday, 29 November 2013

Review of Coco Caramel

Title: Coco Caramel
Author: Cathy Cassidy
Series: The Chocolate Box Girls (book 4)


Another delicious book in the Chocolate Box Girls series, a sequel to Cherry Crush, Marshmallow Skye and Summer's Dream, from bestselling girls' favourite, Cathy Cassidy.
Coco is the youngest of the Tanberry sisters but she's as headstrong as any of them. Coco is crazy about animals and loves her riding lessons. When her favourite pony at the stables is sold, Coco scopes out the new owner - and she's not happy about what she discovers. With big sister Honey going off at the deep end and Summer only just recovering from her eating disorder, Coco can't rely on family help. Can Coco save Caramel alone - or will a new friend help her?

My Review:

I have been following this series since book one: Cherry Crush and have really enjoyed them all. Coco was always the tomboy of the sisters and she comes across as a very headstrong, independent character. She's into saving the planet and animals and is complete nature lover. I imagine her as a slightly scruffy girl who looks like she's been playing outside a lot. She's a really loveable character.

Coco has a love of horses but when the one that she loves deeply is sold because of her, she makes it her mission to save her. With the help of a boy they manage to get the horse and hide her, but, it comes with complications...

I really enjoyed this book and the story is really easy to follow. It's a great easy read and I really enjoy the way Cathy Cassidy has done this series, you get a real feel for the characters. This is one of my favourites of the series and I'd definitely recommend.

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