Friday, 17 January 2014

Review: Rainbow Beauty: Peppermint Kiss

Title: Rainbow Beauty: Peppermint Kiss
Author: Kelly McKain


When Abbie's parents split up, she and her mum move away and set up a homemade cosmetics business against all the odds. The first in a heart-warming series full of lush lotions, fabulous friendships and teenage crushes.

My Review:

Abbie's world is turned upside when her parents split up. They're forced to leave their big house, happy life and plenty of money for a crummy flat and barely any money for the rent. They become miserable. 

The main character Abbie is fun, pretty, creative and has a passion for making products. I really liked her as a character, she was very relatable. Her sisters were also very cool, they all had such differing personalities which made them all very real. I loved Ben, Marco and Summer. Ben's the loveable friend, Marco's the hunk who nearly every girl is after and Summer is the fun, kind friend.

The story is easy to follow, the relationship between Abbie, her sisters and her mother is lovely to read about - you can really tell that they will stick together through thick and thin. 

I really liked Kelly McKain's writing style and I really loved the book, (I'm already half way through the second). 

Overall, I'd definitely recommend you check out this book, it's a great, fun, easy read!

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