Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Review of Rainbow Beauty: Blueberry Wishes

Title: Blueberry Wishes
Author: Kelly McKain
Series: Rainbow Beauty 3


There’s an autumn chill in the air, but nothing can dampen Abbie’s spirits. Her family’s business – the Rainbow Beauty parlour – is a sparkling success, and spending time with her friends, Ben, Summer and gorgeous Marco is a dream.

But when a swanky new spa starts to steal their customers, the business’s fortunes come crashing down and Abbie’s family face their biggest storm yet. Can Abbie save Rainbow Beauty before it’s too late...or is this one wish too far?

My Review:

I have to admit, I've really loved this series and I'm going to miss reading about. I read each book one after the other and I really connected with the characters.

Abbie's just got to grips with her new life in Devon - she's got new friends and an amazing boyfriend.

Summer's over and there's an autumn feel, Abbie and her sisters have to go back to school. Everything's been great in Rainbow Beauty, until a new spa opens and steals all their customers. This new spa has everything, low prices and amazing offers. It looks like the end for Rainbow Beauty and it very nearly is.

They can't afford to feed themselves and despite all their efforts it looks like the end. Abbie's mum and sisters seem to accept this and are ready to move back to London, but Abbie isn't giving up. She starts to dream up a fundraising scheme and starts to put it into action. But will all her efforts save the business or is it too late?

I've really enjoyed this series and I'd definitely recommend you check it out. It's perfect for a girly read!



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