Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Review of Million Dollar Mates: Superstar

Title: Superstar
Author: Cathy Hopkins
Series: Million Dollar Mate (5)


It's finally the summer holidays, and Jess can't wait to spend time with all her friends, especially JJ now that they're officially dating. But then JJ has to return to the states, the other boys head-off on holiday together and her dad decides that she should get a job over the break, and suddenly a fun summer seems like a distant dream. So when Stephanie Harper, a famous astrologer, asks Jess to go on tour with her, she jumps at the chance. And with JJ away and a new boy on the scene, Jess wonders if this summer could be full of excitement after all…

My Review:

I've followed this series since it first started and have enjoyed it immensely. I really like Cathy Hopkins' writing style and have never read a book from her that I haven't liked.

This is the 5th in the Million Dollar Mates series, which follows Jess. This time it's the summer holidays and Jess is looking forward to spending some time with JJ. However, things don't quite go according to plan and JJ has to jet off to America leaving Jess on her own.
She thinks that her summer will be really boring until she meets Stephanie Harper - a very famous astrologist who is staying at Porchester Park. When they meet they click instantly and soon Jess is working for her. She starts to think that maybe her summmer won't be so boring after all...

Overall, I've really enjoyed this series and would recommend you give it a try. The books are not especially challenging, however, if you are looking for a girly, pick me up read I'd highly recommend them.


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