Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Review of Sweetness and Lies

Title: Sweetness and Lies
Author: Karen McCombie

New girl Amber is a champion ice-skater who can get free passes for Alton Towers and goes to see her granny in Barbados in the holidays. It's almost too good to be true.
Tilly's friend Mia thinks it is too good to be true. In fact, Mia reckons Amber is a total liar. And Tilly and Mia have been best friends since they started at Beech Cliff School, so Tilly has to trust Mia. Right? 
Or is Tilly about to do something very wrong?
My Review:
This is definitely not a challenging book and is incredibly thin. It is dyslexia friendly and I won it ages ago. I was bored one afternoon and didn't want to to start a  new book so decided to sit and read this. 
Tilly has just started secondary school and is thrilled to have met Mia. She's funny and chatty and soon the two of the are good friends - best friends. But when new girl Amber arrives Tilly wants to be friends with her too, but Mia doesn't. She starts to be horrible to Amber and tries to control Tilly.
But does Tilly stick with Mia or become friends with Amber?
Overall, it's a cute, little story for reluctant readers or people with dyslexia, it's not very complex and is easy to follow.

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