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Review of Blood Family

Title: Blood Family
Author: Anne Fine


Edward is four years old when he is locked away with his mother by her abusive, alcoholic partner, Harris. By the time an elderly neighbour spots his pale face peering through a crack in the boarded-up window and raises the alarm, he is seven.

Rescue comes, but lasting damage has been done. Sent to live with a kindly foster family, and then adopted, Edward struggles to adapt to normal life. Even as a teenager it's still clear to his new family and schoolmates there's something odd about him.

Then one fateful day, Edward catches a glimpse of himself in a photograph. What he sees shocks him to the core - a vision of Harris. Was this monster his father all along? And does that mean that, deep down, another Harris is waiting to break out

Every step of progress Edward has made swiftly begins to unravel, and he has to decide whether his blood will determine his future.

My Review:

Finally, a Carnegie book I actually enjoyed!

The story follows Edward (or Eddie) who lives with his mother and her abusive partner, Harris. Eddie's been locked away for most of his life and it's only thanks to a nosy neighbour that he is rescued.

He gets fostered by a family, who are lovely. However, a lot of damage has been done to Eddie and his mother has been damaged so much that she can barely talk.

As Eddie grows up, he encounters problems of his own. He thinks that he maybe he will turn out like his father. After all, blood is thicker than water. He worries that he will turn into the Beast that he fears and loathes. He takes to drink and you get a clear picture of exactly what drink can lead to.

The novel is told in different characters voices - they all play a part in the plot. This makes the book easy to read and very enjoyable. I couldn't put it down once I'd started it. You hear every characters thoughts, feelings and views bar Eddie's mother who has been scarred so much that she cannot think or function. It's very sad to see Eddie and his mother.  

Lots of people help Eddie on his journey and there is a happy ending. However, prepare to feel harrowed throughout reading this. It is not an easy read but the story will stay with you long after you finish it.

I cannot fault this book however, if you are looking for a gripping yet haunting book then look no further. 

I'd recommend this book to older readers as the themes in the book are not suitable for children younger than 12/13. 


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