Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Review of Ghost Hawk

Title: Ghost Hawk
Author: Susan Cooper
In the winter of his eleventh year, Little Hawk goes deep into the forest, where he must endure a three-month test of solitude and survival, which will turn him into a man. 

But outside the woods, the world is changing, English settlers are landing on the shores of the New World, and tensions between native tribes and the invaders are rising.

Little Hawk's fate become irreversibly entwined with that of John, a young English boy who dares to question intolerance. He is witness to a secret murder - will he now be witness to bloodshed between nations?

My Review:
Another Carnegie book here.
I wasn't really excited to read this, the blurb didn't really excite me and as I started reading I found that I just couldn't get into it. 
Little Hawk must survive 3 months on his own in the woods to become a man, I thought that was the whole story. You followed him through his 3 months. (Frankly, I think that would've made a far better story). Sadly, that wasn't the case, you follow him through the 3 months very quickly and then you're back to where you started. Only everybody's dead. 
After that, I gave up reading, I hadn't enjoyed the book up until now and I was just reading without taking anything in. There wasn't any point in me continuing to read it as I was hating what I was reading. Unimpressed with this story, would not recommend.
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  1. I don't know much about Indonesia, but I love that book cover!

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