Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Review of Love, Tanya

Title: Love, Tanya
Author: Tanya Burr


Hi everyone and welcome to my book! It's really close to my heart because it's inspired by my journey to becoming confident and feeling happy about who I am. I wanted to write the book to share the things I've learnt with you - to reveal my top tips on fashion, beauty, love, friendship and YouTube... and loads more! Plus there is room for you to list your own hopes and dreams alongside mine - so get creative and get involved! I'd love it if this book became a keepsake you can treasure for years to come and learn to love yourself along the way - like I have. I hope you enjoy it!


Tanya xx

My Review:

As an avid fan of 'youtubers' I was keen to get my hands on 'Love, Tanya'. It's an interesting read all about beauty, fashion, baking, lifestyle and more.

The pictures inside the book are stunning, the recipes look delicious - I would try them but I am an awful baker. Although the book is quite light-hearted it does touch on harder topics such as anxiety, friendships and love.  

The book is not a challenging read at all but still an enjoyable one. It has gorgeous photography, easy to read chapters and a warmth throughout; you can really hear Tanya in the book which, personally, I like. 

This makes a nice addition to my book shelf and it is a book I did really enjoy. Although there has been a lot of controversy over youtubers and books recently I feel like this one has been done well.


(Apologies for lack of posts recently, school work has been rather hectic)

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