Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A Few New Adult Books


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This is the first guest post that I am writing so I am very excited. I read a few new adult books in June and forgot to write about them on my blog. I really enjoyed some of them and they deserve to be mentioned.

1.      Sweet by Tamara Webber - This is the third book in the Contours of the heart series by Tamara Webber. Easy (the first book) is probably my all time favourite new adult novel. The love story is just so sweet, the characters are amazing. Breakable (the second one) was even better. I was really excited for the third book Sweet. This is a companion novel to Breakable. It tells the story of Boyce and Pearl. He is kind of a bad boy and she’s a good girl and an overachiever. The story is about growing up and finding yourself. The writing is great and Tamara Webber creates the best love stories. I highly recommend these books.
2.      Ten tiny breaths and One tiny lie by K.A. Tucker - I was actually interested in reading the second book in The ten tiny breaths series. They are companion novels, but I just prefer to read them in order. The writing was great, but I couldn’t really relate to the characters especially Kacey. She is too much of a wild child. The first book Ten tiny breaths is about Kacey and the second book One tiny lie is about her little sister Livie. Their parents die in a car accident. Kacey is in the car too and the first book deals with her issues and PTSD. The books are easy to read and I definitely enjoyed the second book more than the first one. There’s a lot of partying, strip clubs and drinking in these books. It was a bit too much for me and I couldn’t really relate to these things. There’s a few more books in the series, but I don’t think that I’ll read them.
3.      Burying water and Becoming rain by K.A. Tucker - These are the first two books in the other series by K.A. Tucker - The Burying water series. I don’t consider these books to be new adult novels. The characters are in their twenties, but I don’t think that anyone in their twenties can relate to these stories. The first book Burying water is about a man who falls in love with the wife of a mafia boss. The second one Becoming rain is about a girl who is a police officer and goes undercover. She pretends to be a woman named Rain to get close to her target and of course she falls in love with him. The third book in the series Chasing river is out too, but I don’t plan on reading it.
4.      Fallen too far by Abbi Glines - I’ve heard amazing things about Abbi Glines and I really expected to love this book. Fallen too far is the first book in The Rosemary beach series. It’s definitely a light read, it’s well written. I didn’t like the characters. Blaire was OK, but Rush was kind of annoying and not interesting at all. And they are a step brother and sister. Fallen too far is just a light beach read.
I am currently reading On Dublin Street by Samantha Young. I like it so far!

Once again be sure to check out the fantastic BeautylovesBooks blog!

Friday, 14 August 2015

FF (32)

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If you could have an endless supply of food what would it be? - Suggested by Not Tonight, I'm Reading

Again, another hard question. I enjoy a lot of food, but I do have a soft spot for Yorkshire puddings so I'd pick those.

Friday, 7 August 2015

FF (31)

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If you could have 3 wishes granted, what would they be? - Suggested by Life Is Reading

Oooh, this is tricky. First wish is that Ross from Emmerdale can come back to life as they killed him off yesterday. 
Second, health and happiness for the rest of my life.
And thirdly, I do well in exams therefore meaning I have a good career ahead of me.