Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My Trip to the Guardian!


A bit of a different post today, I thought I would do a 'my day at the Guardian' type post. I was asked along by the lovely Children's Book Team to interview the amazing author, Maria V Snyder. I'm a big fan of Maria's books so, naturally, jumped at the chance.

We left early in the morning to ensure we had a full day in London. The interview itself was at 4:00pm. We had a great time looking round Piccadilly Circus and Regent's Park. I was trying to spot Matty Healy from 'The 1975'. Sadly, we didn't see him, but oh well.

This is myself and my mum outside the Guardian about to go inside. I was starting to become increasingly terrified so I don't look very happy here.

As we went, we were seen to by reception and we all got very snazzy passes which make excellent scrapbook material.

Then when Maria arrived I was so nervous. We were taken into a recording studio where I would ask her my questions. As the interview went on, I think I relaxed a bit, however by the end I was so glad I'd done it.

This is a photo of myself and Maria before the interview. 

Maria kindly autographed my favourite book, 'Touch of Power'. This is the book that made me start blogging so it's quite a special book to me.

Lastly, I was allowed a dip in the Children's book shelf which was incredibly exciting. I could've stayed in there for hours and I was spoilt for choice. I eventually settled on these 8 books which should keep me busy for a while.

This is Maria V Snyder's latest book, I'd highly recommend it and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

That was my day in the Guardian. I had such an incredible and insightful experience. I was so incredibly scared before I went in, but I'm so glad I did it. 

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Review of Love, Tanya

Title: Love, Tanya
Author: Tanya Burr


Hi everyone and welcome to my book! It's really close to my heart because it's inspired by my journey to becoming confident and feeling happy about who I am. I wanted to write the book to share the things I've learnt with you - to reveal my top tips on fashion, beauty, love, friendship and YouTube... and loads more! Plus there is room for you to list your own hopes and dreams alongside mine - so get creative and get involved! I'd love it if this book became a keepsake you can treasure for years to come and learn to love yourself along the way - like I have. I hope you enjoy it!


Tanya xx

My Review:

As an avid fan of 'youtubers' I was keen to get my hands on 'Love, Tanya'. It's an interesting read all about beauty, fashion, baking, lifestyle and more.

The pictures inside the book are stunning, the recipes look delicious - I would try them but I am an awful baker. Although the book is quite light-hearted it does touch on harder topics such as anxiety, friendships and love.  

The book is not a challenging read at all but still an enjoyable one. It has gorgeous photography, easy to read chapters and a warmth throughout; you can really hear Tanya in the book which, personally, I like. 

This makes a nice addition to my book shelf and it is a book I did really enjoy. Although there has been a lot of controversy over youtubers and books recently I feel like this one has been done well.


(Apologies for lack of posts recently, school work has been rather hectic)

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks to Christina for nominating me!

The Versatile Blogger Award is the best of the ‘chain letter’ awards out there in the blogosphere. Bloggers can only nominate each other for this award and when a blogger nominate another for this award, he/she looks out for the the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page, or of course, the quality of the photographs and the level of love displayed in the taking of them.

 Rules of Versatile Blogger Award:
 1. Nominate 15 other bloggers relatively new to blogging
 2. Let the bloggers know that you've nominated them.
 3. Share 10 random facts about yourself.
 4. Thank the blogger who nominated you either by leaving a comment or following them and link back to their blog.
 5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post.

My 10 Random Facts

1. I dream of becoming a journalist or working in publishing when I'm older
2. My favourite bands are Suede and The 1975
3. I want to learn French, German and Italian in addition to Spanish
4. I'm a very shy person when you meet me
5. My favourite colour is cobalt blue
6. I hate sport - I'm so bad at all of them!
7. I used to play the piano
8. I'm a very sarcastic person.
9. I have a very dry sense of humour.
10. I'm not a soppy person at all.

I nominate:

My Little Corner for Books
Jess Time to Read

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

My Blogging Story

As part of the World Book Day campaign, I’ve been asked by My Voucher Codes to tell my story on how literature changed my life and why I started blogging. Also, as it is coming up to my blogs third birthday this post is incredibly fitting.

From a very young age, books had always been a big part of my life. My mum and dad would read to me even when I was only a few weeks old, books were already constantly around me and by the time I reached Primary school I was very familiar with them.

As soon as I could read fluently, I was off. I would devour book after book - I couldn't get enough of the things. I was constantly taking trips to library to get more and more of the things - I was obsessed.

Up until my first year of secondary school I continued to love books and literature and I was encouraged hugely by my teachers to read a vast array of books.

It was through reading a magazine that I discovered blogging. The magazine in question: Mizz. It was running a competition to win an ipad and all you had to do was do a video review of a book (Touch of Power by Maria V Snyder). At the time, the only thing I was interested in was the ipad but that competition affected me a lot. Sadly, I didn't win the ipad (I still feel robbed) and my review is still on Youtube for the world to see. If you'd like to see year 7 me, click on the video below. 

But, that review and competition led me to discover the world of blogs and I've been apart of that world for nearly 3 years now. It's hard work running a blog and juggling life at the same time but it's so worth it. my blog has led me to do blog tours, work with publishing houses, fulfil my enjoyment in writing, participating in the Carnegie Shadowing, becoming a member of the Guardian teen site which has led me to interview Jennifer E Smith and The Fault in Our Star's very own, Ansel Elgort, doing work experience at a local newspaper and possibly the most exciting of all: GOING TO THE GUARDIAN TO INTERVIEW MARIA V SNYDER. The author who started this whole journey off.

Without blogging and books I wouldn't have done half of these things. Literature and blogging have well and truly changed my life and (hopefully) will continue to do so for a very long time. For all those people who think books are boring, think again, because what I've done is probably way more exciting!
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